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YouCom Direct was launched in 2013 as YouDirectories, a specialist business directory agency created by YouCom Media. We focus on business directory advertising and local search, with a greater focus on all direct response advertising.

The content marketing strategy we use is focused towards local natural search, producing 1st page Google results. Our clients will tell you they are outperforming their competition (read their reviews). Their call volumes are higher than before they worked with us, their clicks are higher, their stores are more sold out than their competitors and the campaigns we run are pay-per-lead where clients only pay when the advertising performs.

We have experienced media planners who know all about competitor reach, geo-targeting and content marketing.

We have clients in seven EU countries.

ROI for current clients is our first priority so you will see a difference very quickly. But our client testimonials show their adverts have had more calls since switching to YouCom Direct and their budget is less than before.


This is the number of people who follow YouCom Direct online. We create more engagement on social media than any other directory agency.

We have the same effect on your directory campaign.

Google, Yahoo & Bing have online directories in their first results page. Local search marketing is our speciality.

Our Culture

We didn’t pay for consultants to establish our company values, they evolved organically and show what is important to us. We believe a company’s core values are the principles and standards at the very heart of their character – from which they will not stray. Our main values are:



Be better than good. Be better than yourself.


When people need your help, a quick response is always appreciated.


We are stronger together. Understand everyone’s life is important to them.


Just because others give up, doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed.

We’re a young media division within the YouCom family, so we’re a real tight knit crew. Every employee receives a progression path and an equal profit share. The result is a happy, stable account team for our clients.

We work hard, but at 11am we take a break for Kisstory and coffees!

“We have noticed a significant increase in calls since YouDirectories took over from our last agency and a higher conversion rate from calls to cases.”
Cavendish Employment Law, a national solicitors firm.


Matt Roberts
Matt Roberts Group Account Director
Matt is a key person in the launch of YouDirectories. Now at his second company of Japanese origin (he worked at Olympus Cameras 2000-2003), Matt has an impressive history of over 18 years in marketing and advertising, agency-side, client-side and for NGO’s.
Lee Bratton
Lee Bratton Senior Account Manager
Lee has over 20 years in project management at the highest level. His insight and analysis commands respect from some of the largest multinationals (his previous employers). Yet anyone who meets Lee says he comes across as very down to earth and instantly likeable.
VacancyAccount Executive
Karina Nieto
Karina NietoAccount Manager
Karina has over ten years media experience working as Account Manager for agency giants such as Mediacom and Mindshare in Argentina. Karina speaks fluent English, her native Spanish and is proficient in Italian which she is currently studying. Karina is ‘on loan’ to us from YouCom to gain wider media experience.
Chandni Kalyanji
Chandni KalyanjiAccount Executive
Chandni also currently ‘on loan’ from YouCom is ready for a permanent move as we continue to grow. Chandni brings an energy to the office just as she does to each of her accounts. Everybody loves Chandni.
VacancyVaried roles
YouDirectories are a young agency division growing fast. Currently we have a full complement of staff but we anticipate new roles to be filled soon.
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YouCom Direct is a specialist agency for direct response advertising including business directories. We have the focus of a specialist agency with the resource of a full service agency in YouCom Media.  We offer the following services.
Business directory advertising produces a lower cost-per-sale because users are closer to the point of purchase.


  • Localised Content by YouDirectories

Localised content

July 2018

  • It's Personal by YouDirectories


June 2018

  • Keyword Recruitment by YouDirectories

Keyword Recruitment

May 2018


“We needed an agency that can plan a media campaign tailored to competitor’s activity and geo-demographics, but also to produce the lowest CPC.

We chose YouCom Direct.”



Contact us via the details below. Our ambassadors are part of the wider YouCom family and also represent YouCom Direct. Our careers process is managed by our parent agency too. We look forward to working with you!
9 Devonshire Sq. London


Matt Roberts
Group Account Director

Call: +44 20 3131 0142

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